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How To Live Stream on OBS with Your RodeCaster Pro?

Here is five easy steps to live stream your podcast, marketing content, or video on OBS with your Rode Caster Pro. After instansive research and experimenting here is how it works:

Step One:

Mac sure on your Mac under setting, then sound your input are under Rode-caster Multichannel. For the Output, make sure it is under Rode-caster Pro Stereo.

Step Two:

Add Your Rode Caster Pro Under The OBS Audio Input Device.

Step three:

Before You Start Streaming, Record under Start Recording to check your volume level. Watch your recorded video to check on sound volume. (If the volume is low, then adjust on the audio Mixer).

Adjust the volume of the mixer by moving the sound-bar.

Step four:

Start Streaming:

Add Your Streaming Key by clicking on the setting. Then Chose which platform you want to go live stream on.

Add your streaming key by copying your stream key from the platform you want to stream on (for example, Facebook live, Youtube live, or periscope live, or restream).

Step Five:

Click Start Streaming to Go Live.

Once You are done with your streaming, click stop streaming.

These are the five simple steps that will enable you to market and advertise your content via live stream with OBS Platform and The Rode Caster Pro.

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