How To Do Video Marketing In 2020

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2 Hours

How To Do Video Marketing In 2020


Glory Tshokama

I am here to share with you the knowledge that I have accumulated over time throughout research and experience. Are you willing to learn more, and become cognitive in a particular subject? If so take action and register for my class today.

About the course

This course is designed to take you from Zero to Hero. Join this transformational journey to become a master at creating a marketing video in under 10 min. This proven video marketing strategy will help you create and publish videos every single day. Imagine becoming a master at producing high-quality marketing videos while saving time, money, and energy. This course experience contains a blueprint for success in creating your business or personal brand video marketing. Whether you are a Plumber, Jewellery Designer, Real Estate agent, Publisher, or Marketer this program is for you. The video marketing strategy thought through this course in InVideo can be used to create videos for Instagram, Instagram Stories, Facebook ads, Facebook Page, LinkedIn, Youtube, Twitter, Website, and more in under 10 min.